RJC Designs has been providing knowledgeable and professional technology consulting and design services for more than 20 years.  Whether a performing arts center, athletic or recreational facility, conference room, house of worship, operational center, or a entire campus-wide project – RJC Designs has the experience and expertise in designing systems that are technology current and user friendly.  System designs are also architecturally coordinated making for a seamless transition of technology with structure.

Understanding the client’s goals and planning for growth and future technology are all paramount in the achievement of a successful project. RJC Designs is sensitive to budget requirements designing systems and infrastructure that can allow for growth when additional funding becomes available.

Audio Visual

Arena Audio, Digital Recording, Streaming, Broadcast, Tele-Presence, Video Signage, Wireless Audio Designs, Instructional and Presentation Systems, Auditorium Systems, Display Technology Designs, Video Walls and Informational Displays, Digital Path Designs for Media


Digital and Analog Systems, Web Based Systems, Card Access, Biometric Access Systems, IP Based Surveillance and Security cameras, Central Station Designs, Infrastructure Development and Facility Building Coordination


Room Acoustics, Noise Control, Isolation Methods, Absorption, Room Modeling, RT-60 Calculation


Master Plan Development, Technology Budget Development, Infrastructure Development and Architect Coordination, MEP Development for Technology, Design Development and Construction Documentation, General Consulting for Base Line Project Direction and Estimations.


Voice and Data Infrastructure Development, IDF and MDF development, Fiber and Structure Cable Development, Riser Layouts, VOIP Development

Broadcast and Production

Digital Studio and Control Room Designs, Pre and Post Production Designs, Specialty Content Production Labs, Streaming and Digital Storage Systems

  • Corporate Conferencing Centers
  • Audio/Voice Reinforcement Systems
  • Broadcast and Production Facilities
  • Video Conferencing Designs
  • Computer Classrooms
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Voice / Data Infrastructure Designs
  • Distributed Television Systems
  • Complete Technology Planning
  • Auditorium and Lecture Hall Systems
  • Multi-Media Presentation Rooms
  • Media and Room Control Systems
  • Acoustics and Vibration Analysis